The vast majority of broken points can be removed quite easily.

Ideally we need about 2mm of the point protruding from the end of the barrel, however
if your unlucky and the point has snapped at the barrel, then fear not - we also remove 99.9% of these.

We will not subject the barrel to any unnecessary action that may cause damage.

Please Note: Due to the expensive tooling required to remove broken points there may be a surcharge to pay should we need to drill the broken point out of £9.99 per point.

If you have any doubt, e-mail us with a photograph of the broken point and we will advise whether the point can be removed.

If we are unable to remove the point, we will return it to you free of charge.

Below is an example of a broken point upon arrival with us and later after they have been repointed and cleaned - Another happy customer, be the next.